VIRTUAL DINNER CLUB – Weekly recipes that participants can prepare at home


VIRTUAL DINNER CLUB - Weekly recipes that participants can prepare at home


 In this time of voluntary self-isolation where our favorite eateries have been asked to close their doors (as Petite Feast Dinner Club has done), we are spending a lot more time at home. All of us are trying to pitch in, and for me, that has always meant to cook for and share food with others. So, I thought it would be fun to start a Nextdoor group to share a weekly recipe that participants can prepare at home using pantry staples.  Each Friday we celebrate a Petite Feast Virtual Dinner Party and I invite you to attend. My goal is to share the beauty of preparing something delicious and nourishing for those we love and to share it around our virtual communal table.  

HOW IT WORKS: I post the recipe on Nextdoor Kayenta each Wednesday with an ingredient list, easy to follow instructions, preparation video, and a photo of the completed dish. On Friday your job is to prepare the meal and enjoy it at home.  Afterward, I encourage you to share any photos and thoughts you have on the experience through our Nextdoor group. Want to sign up? Click to sign up through Nextdoor. Not on Nextdoor, not a problem. Email me directly @  or check out the recipe section of this website. 

Tim and Judy Terrell have generously offered to suggest a wine pairing to complement each meal.  To make it easy they’ll give general suggestions about varieties of wine that will pair well. The wine is not necessary, but it makes for a wonderful dining experience.

*To avoid unnecessary trips, please check your pantry before heading to the grocery store for ingredients. Hopefully most ingredients will be things you already have.  Of course, I will be available through Nextdoor private messaging or the Petite Feast website to answer any questions you have about preparing the recipe.

Please keep supporting your favorite eateries by getting take-out when you can but, get in the kitchen, roll up your sleeves, and get cooking too. 

These dinners have been a grand success. Won’t you please join us? – Victoria