Raspberry Ginger Lemonade

utah style and design (11)

Recipe for Utah Style and Design, Summer Issue



6 C water

2 C sugar

1 C fresh ginger, grated

1 pint fresh raspberries

3 C fresh squeezed lemon juice

Lemon and raspberries for garnish


Place water, sugar and ginger in medium sauce pan.  Bring to a boil over high heat.  Remove from heat and allow mixture to steep for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and discard the solids.  Add fresh lemon juice.  Refrigerate mixture until well chilled.  Place raspberries in the work bowl of a food processor and process until smooth. Strain the puree into the sweetened lemon water.  Serve over ice garnished with raspberries and lemon slices.

Yields about 3 quarts