About Victoria

Petite Feast chef/owner Victoria Topham started her culinary career as a delivery truck driver for Great Harvest Bread Company of Salt Lake City. She quickly moved into baking and then management, effectively setting the stage for her next two decades in the world of breads, pastries and savory baked goods. Her career began in 1991 when she and her husband moved to North Carolina for his medical school residency. While he was at Duke, she found a professional home in Durham – first at Lagniappe Bakery, then at Nana’s, a restaurant she credits as the source of much of her hands-on knowledge about pastries and cooking in general.

When she and her husband returned to Salt Lake in 1994, Vic joined the newly opened Log Haven restaurant as a pastry chef. Within a couple of years the unique canyon restaurant and wedding destination began winning awards and gained a reputation for the dessert, breads and exquisite wedding cakes Topham created for countless brides and grooms.

In 1996 Vic realized her long-time dream of opening a café of her own – a place where she could exercise her entrepreneurial spirit, management skills, and create her own menus. She ran a successful restaurant and catering business for almost 18 years, finally selling it in 2013. Vic’s talents helped to boost Salt Lake’s culinary profile, garnering her a nomination for Food and Wine’s 10 Best New Chef’s awards in 1999 and recognition from Gourmet Magazine as one of the Country’s ten healthiest restaurants. Today, Victoria is happy to be offering her unique services and professional skills with the launch of Petite Feast!