Cooking Classes

Petite Feast & Victoria Topham are pleased to offer in home cooking classes and demonstrations. Classes are designed to meet your current skill level and your culinary aspirations. Victoria will provide you and your guests with a delightful learning experience. She can show you basic cooking/baking techniques, as well as specific recipe preparations to help you gain confidence in the kitchen or just learn new techniques. Victoria has over 30 years of experience in the food service industry and she is happy to share some of the “restaurant secrets” and tricks of the trade she has learned and developed throughout her career.


Victoria will shop for ingredients and arrive at your home ready to cook with you and your guests. All classes are taught hands-on if space allows so you and your guests can practice the concepts and methods being taught. Please note, class size is limited to the size of your kitchen, but every attempt will be made to accommodate the number of guests. After the lesson, you and your guests will enjoy the creations you have prepared. Victoria will also be available for a question and answer session during your meal. As always, your kitchen will be left spotlessly cleaned and all recipes used in the lesson will be provided to guests.